Monday, March 12, 2012

About Our Website

Our website banner comes from this photo of the mountain called Masang Gang (7165 m high) as viewed from the roadway at Dochu La on an afternoon in November. Almost all visitors to Bhutan will pass by Dochu La on their way eastwards: it is just 23 km beyond Thimphu. Generally, mornings are best for a clear view of the Himalayan ranges from Dochu La but this photo proves that late afternoon can allow for a wonderful sight, too. We felt this photo was a good match to our company name Golden Sky Adventure and we hope it is an inviting image for you, too.

Our background pattern shows the endless knot which is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism. There are different interpretations of this symbol but we like it because it can symbolize the interconnection between all things in a cycle of cause and effect. You will see this symbol in many contexts in Bhutan: painted onto buildings, woven into clothing, as jewelry, in temple ornamentation, in logos and even as a popular tattoo design.

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