About Bhutan

Bhutan, "Druk Yul", Land of the Thunder Dragon

Location: Bhutan is bordered in the east, south and west by India and in the north by China.
Land area: 38,394 square kilometres
Forest area: 72.5 %
Altitude: between 240 metres and 7541 metres above sea level
Inhabitants: roughly 700,000
Flag: Thunder dragon on a field of yellow and orange
Official Language: Dzongkha, English widely spoken
Religion: Vajrayana stream of Mahayana Buddhism (Also known as Tantric Buddhism)
Currency: Ngultrum (equal to Indian Rupee)
Capital: Thimphu
Local time: Six hours ahead of GMT and half an hour ahead of Indian Standard Time

National Bird: Raven
National Animal: Takin
National Flower: Blue Poppy
National Tree: Cypress
National Sport: Archery
National Day: 17 December

The first paved roads in Bhutan were constructed by the Indian army in the 1960s. There is only one main highway across Bhutan which means that there is only one route between each town!

Main roads in Bhutan