Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Visit Yangdon With Us!

Travel to Yangdon with Golden Sky Adventure!

Where is Yangdon, you ask? Yangdon is an imaginary kingdom that looks exactly like Bhutan except that all its citizens are Filipino!

Still confused? Well, actually, a Filipino television series called 'The Princess and I' was recently filmed in Bhutan. It must have been very popular - interest in Bhutan from The Philippines seems to be growing!

Are you a fan of 'The Princess and I'? Tour Yangdon Bhutan with us and you'll be able to visit all the locations used from the show like Punakha Dzong and sites around Thimphu (Buddha Point and the National Memorial Chorten). You'll have the chance go shopping for your own beautiful Yangdon costumes, of course!

Thimphu fabric shop

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